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                    我院創建于1955年,直屬于浙江省住房和城鄉建設廳,是省內建設領域專業齊全、技術影響力較大的科研單位和建設工程質量鑒定評估仲裁權威機構,擁有建筑行業齊全的專業資質,擁有浙江省建筑節能應用技術重點實驗室、浙江省工程結構與防災減災技術研究重點實驗室及11個子公司,可提供科研攻關、規劃、設計、勘察、工程咨詢、工程管理、檢測、監理、特種施工、綠色建筑與建筑節能、建筑物運行與維護、建筑材料開發生產、技術設備貿易等覆蓋建筑物全生命周期的服務。 “十二五”期末,年產值達3.64億元。
                    我院現有員工900余人。其中,教授及教授級高工22人,高級工程師125人,中級職稱267人,中級以上職稱占到41%,國家一級注冊結構工程師16人,一級注冊建筑師7人,一級注冊建造師42人,注冊監理工程師85人,注冊造價師10人, 注冊公用設備工程師6人,注冊城市規劃師7人,“浙江省新世紀151人才工程”各類層次培養人員 11人。

                  Zhejiang Academy of Building Research & Design Co., Ltd. (ZABRD)was established in 1955, is a provincial-scaled enterprise specialized in building technologies and is affiliated to Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Zhejiang Province. Over more than 50 years of development, ZJABRD has grown into the largest and the most comprehensive research and extension center in construction industry in Zhejiang. ZJABRD has a comprehensive research center (R&D Center of Building Technologies) and fully holds seven subsidiaries. ZJABRD is also home to Zhejiang Building Safety Evaluation Center, Zhejiang Building Technology Extension Center, Zhejiang Building Energy Conservation Center and Journal of Zhejiang Construction.
                  ZJABRD has a strong technical force with 15 professors/professor-level senior engineers, 64 senior engineers and 161 engineers. Those figures combined account for 46% of ZJABRD’s total employees. With its strong technical force, ZJABRD has played a leading role in both research and practice on building technologies in Zhejiang, and has accumulated a great deal of experience in every aspect of construction industry. Recognition of ZJABRD’s contributions to the field includes involvement in the development of a significant number of national and local standards and reception of a number of national and provincial/ministerial level awards.
                  Based on its technical force, ZJABRD has set up seven subsidiaries, widely engaged in the range of inspection, supervision, design and special construction of engineering projects, development and production of building materials, building energy conservation, and technology and equipment trading. In the recent years, ZJABRD focused on building an efficient management system to provide a better environment for its employees to realize their value and for technology innovation. As a result, ZJABRD has made significant enhancements in both social and economic benefits over the recent years. ZJABRD passed ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification in 2004 and became a registered agency of Higher People’s Court of Zhejiang Province.
                  For years, with the guidance and support from competent authorities at all levels, ZJABRD has made significant contributions to economic development of Zhejiang as well as advances of building technologies of Zhejiang construction industry. Looking ahead to the future, ZJABRD will consistently adhere to the business philosophy of “practical and realistic, scientific and impartial, quality first, service uppermost” to create a new prospect through constant technology innovations and continuous improvements in business management.